Right of withdrawal

5.1:  Customers can withdraw from contract without giving reasons within 2 weeks in written form (e.g. letter, fax or email) or – in case of abandoning of goods before expiration date – by return of goods.  Expiration period:  from receipt of instruction in written form or after receipt of goods but not before fulfillment of our obligation to inform the customer according to § 312 c) clause 1 BGB i.V.m. article 246 § 2 i.V.m. § 1 clause 1 and 2 EGBGB as well as according to § 312 g), clause 1, phrase 1 BGB i.V.m. article 246 § 3 EGBGB.  For meeting the cancellation time limit, please address your written withdrawal or goods within expiration period to:

Leyk Lichthäuser GmbH
Erlbacher Str.108
91541 Rothenburg

Managing Directors: Ursula Leyk, Bernd Schulz-Leyk and Andrea Fetzer

Phone: + 49 9861 / 86962 (from the US: +11 49 9861 / 86962)
Fax:    + 49 9861 / 7299 (from the US: +11 49 9861 / 7299)


5.2 Consequences of withdrawal
In case of effective withdrawal both parties are obliged to return any achievements or benefits (e.g. interest rates) to the contractual partner.  If customers cannot return any achievement, or benefit or only partly or in minor state, they are obliged to pay compensation for the value of the goods.  The customer will only be obliged to pay compensation if the minor state of goods or any benefits are subject to regular use of the goods and in accordance with tests regarding quality characteristics and operating mode. Such tests include the handling of goods for purchase in stores.

Goods which can be mailed,  are to be returned at our risk and expenses, unless  the goods comply with the ordered ones and the total value does not exceed 40 EURO, or if in case of increased product prices during the expiration period, the customer has not made any (part) payment yet.  Goods which cannot be mailed, will be picked up at customer’s place (only in Germany).

Any obligations for refund of payments have to be fulfilled within 30 days.  Expiration period for customers:  from date of written withdrawal or return of goods, for “Leyk”:  after receipt of written withdrawal or returned goods.

No right of withdrawal for:

  • Any supply of goods made according to special customers’ or personal requests or for goods which cannot be returned due to special characteristics or beyond date of expiry.

Andrea Fetzer
Managing Director

Leyk Lichthäuser GmbH
Leyk’s “Lotos Garden” with café

Erlbacher Str. 108
91541 Rothenburg o.d.T.

Phone: + 49 9861 86962 (from the US: + 11 49 9861 / 86962)
Fax:      +49 9861 7299 (from the US: + 11 49 9861 / 7299)