Medieval tavern "Zur Höll" - original 1c

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product description

The original one in Rothenburg is located close to the crime museum along the town wall when heading for the "Burggarten". When you enter it (open hours from 6.00 h p.m.) you will be enchanted by its medieval charm. This "Leyk" ceramic house is one of the most popular ones and perfectly reflects the athmosphere of this medieval tavern.

First edition: 2008

height/length/width about 12.5/11/8.5 cm (inches: 4.92/4.33/3.35)

This charming ceramic house from the "Leyk Lichthäuser" factory differs from all other "Leyk" unique reproductions by its remarkable lettering across the complete front.  In general each ceramic house is stoved twice, but the lettering for the "Höll" needs a third stoving with lower temperature in order to bind the lettering with the enamel. In addition, this ceramic house has got small dormer windows and close to its door an oriel window, which makes it very special. Collectors of the ceramic houses do not want to miss this unique replica in their collection and at the same time it is also a very special gift.

We create our little big innkeeper with beer mugs to go with as well as the tiny wooden tables and benches from our miniature collection.