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In the 15th century Jakob of Fugger founded the "Fugger Trade Company" in Augsburg, which soon gained worldwide recognition and even financed the German emperors in the 16th century. Jakob of Fugger II., made the "Fuggerei", which still exists today, the first housing allotment for poor people. "Leyk" rebuilt the corner house with the Madonna as a ceramic illuminated house.

First edition: 2005.

height/length/width about 12.5/8.2/10.5 cm (inches: 4.92/3.23/4.13)

The hand-painted ivy and the Madonna at the corner as well as the ancient stepped gable make this "Leyk" ceramic house very special, a typical "Leyk" illuminated house, 100% hand-crafted in Germany. If you want to see for yourself the hand-crafted molding, cut-outs of windows, refining, painting, hand glazing and stoving of the molding blanks, just visit our ceramic factory in Rothenburg o.d.T., Erlbacher Str. 108. Due to the time-consuming painting and our high standard of quality, this "Leyk" model is limited to 200 reproductions per year.