The crooked house 1a

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product description

"Crooked is beautiful".  In this spirit we made the replica of the crooked house, since building lots mostly used to be uneven in ancient times.  Our little ceramic model could be a craftsman's house, who stored his equipment in the cute annexed half-timber building or a little farmer's house.  As one can see from the candle light shining through the gable, every little corner in the house was well used.

First edition: 2001

height/length/width about 12.5/front: 7, back: 9/left: 8, right: 10 cm (inches: 4.92/2.75, 3.54/ 3.15 , 3.94)

There are only a few asymmetrical ceramic houses in our "Leyk" product range. However the crooked house with its half-timber painting on the two gables and the double-sided dormer windows is one of the most interesting ones.  In addition it has a bull's-eye dormer window for the half-timber shed.  This ceramic miniature was one of the first "Leyk" houses we painted stones on the corners, a "Leyk" illuminated house with that certain something.

Just pick your favorite figurines and some little trees from our miniature collection to accompany this wonderful house.