Swabian little house 1a

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  • Please chose a colour combination: 1a (roof brown / window brown)

product description

Since there was very little space in ancient Swabian villages, the houses were built very close to each other and therefore higher.  Thus our "Leyk" ceramic house has an enlarged roof.  The front shows nice stonework and a wooden gable, whereas the back is half-timbered.  We presume this to be a very fine example of a typical medieval house in an ancient Swabian village.

First edition: 2003

height/lenght/width about 12.5/8/9 cm (inches: 4.92/3.15/3.54)

Possible additions from our miniature collection, for your “Leyk Swabian house”, are a couple sitting on a bench, and a mother with a stroller.

We are extremely proud to present to you our 100% hand crafted “Leyk” ceramic houses.  Do not pass Rothenburg on highway A7, just stop by and visit our factory to see how the original "Leyk" houses are manufactured.  Stop in and see our manufacturing process for yourself, how our skilled craftsmen create these wonderful “Leyk” houses, from the beginning to the end; casting, molding, de-molding, detailed painting and stoving (in a 1m³ oven).  It takes about 20 different steps until each of our ceramic houses is finished, which depending on the model, takes about 3 weeks. While visiting you can stop in our cafe "Lotosgarten" (closed in winter) and you can enjoy yourself with coffee and other refreshments.