Little baking house 3

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product description

A visit to the historic open-air museum “Bad Windsheim“ inspired Ursula Leyk to reproduce a little village baking house.  Since a baking house does not have any windows, just small exhaust openings, a chimney, fire hole (opening for the tea light candle) and a little door for the bread paddle, it was a real challenge to create one which can be illuminated.  Decide yourself whether this “Leyk” model  is a successful reproduction.

First edition 2013

Height/length/width about 12.3./8/8 cm (inches:  4.85/3.15/3.15)

A ready to handle bread paddle is on the wall close to the open oven, across from it are some little breadbaskets.  And of course the stack of fire wood isn’t missing either.  On baking days the baking houses used to be an important meeting place in villages.  Our reproduction with its amazing lighting effects, is the “dot on the I” in every “Leyk” village.

We added a traditional baker with her bread paddle to our miniature wood collection, to make it the perfect match for this little baking house.

In our factory we keep creating new interesting models, handcrafted (Made in Germany).  Just stop by when you are on the highway A7, our factory is just 1.5 km to the highway exit.  See for yourself how we work and enjoy yourself in our “Lotosgarten” and café in the summer season.