Little bakery 6

Product.Nr.: 436_6

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  • Sofort versandfähig, ausreichende Stückzahl Sofort versandfähig, ausreichende Stückzahl
  • Please chose a colour combination: 6c (roof red / window green)

product description

When holding this one in your hand you might just feel like entering the entrance door to get fresh bread or brezel.  The half-timber gable, the little roofs above the windows and dormer windows are typical for "Leyk" ceramic houses.

First edition: 200

height/length/width/ about 12.5/10/10.5 cm (inches: 4.92/3.94/4.13)

This model is favored by many collectors and has a cute back, so from this view, one can imagine where the stove might be located in this little house.  Just around the corner is the entrance to the stockroom for flour and the opening for the tea light candle. In our miniature collection we have a little baker with a bread paddle or a miller with flour sack and sack barrow to go with it.

Some green or snow-covered trees in front of it create a very special atmosphere.