Gable dormer house 1a

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  • Please chose a colour combination: 1a (roof brown / window brown)

product description

This little ceramic model is a replica, made in memory of houses which are barely existing today.  A few of them with their third crooked gable, can still be found in Franconia, "Baden-Württemberg" or "Hessen".  When we launched our first one in 1990, the second to last one in our area was torn down in "Wörnitz", close to Rothenburg.

First edition: 1990

height/length/width about 10/9/12 cm (inches: 3.94/3.54/4,72)

This is the first illuminated ceramic house we integrated two other building elements as there is the crooked wooden gable and a big closed painted barn door at the main gable.  This way we refined our design and at the same time made this ceramic house more interesting.  Also, below the crooked third gable there used to be the "gute Stube - living room", where the marriage portion, (for example valuable dishes or household linen), was kept. In the historic open-air museum in "Bad Windsheim", close to Rothenburg, you still can see a fully equipped one.

We recommend a miniature hay cart and some little pigs and cows from our miniature collection as additions.