Franconian Farmhouse 6

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  • Sofort versandfähig, ausreichende Stückzahl Sofort versandfähig, ausreichende Stückzahl
  • Please chose a colour combination: 6c (roof red / window green)

product description

The Franconian villages are slightly covered with buildings; this means most houses are pretty big.  Our "Leyk" model has eaves at the gable, which were used to fix wire ropes there to lift sacks (for example with corn and cereals) to be stored under the roof.  The wealthy farmers could even afford to have beautiful half-timber gables, as we also designed our ceramic house.

First edition: 1989

height/length/width about 12/10/8 cm (inches 4.72/3.94/3.15)

This unique Franconian "Leyk" ceramic house has 27 windows the light shines through and it represents both rural diligence as well as peaceful village life.  We recommend the little hay cart, or a cart with little pigs or flour sacks from our miniature collection as authentic for the scene additions to accompany this model.  Our completely hand crafted, "Leyk" collection which is "made in Germany", is meant to emanate positive ideals.

This is the first class quality our collectors esteem and which you can see for yourself when visiting our factory in Rothenburg (close to the highway exit A7, 1.5 km) on work days.