Ancient post station 6

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  • Please chose a colour combination: 6c (roof red / window green)

product description

In ancient times such a building was very important for urban development.  On one hand travelers used stage coaches as means of transport, on the other hand the post stations served for all kind of mailing.  This "Leyk" ceramic house gives off warm light and decorates every "Leyk" house village. It is a "must-have" in  each "Leyk" collection. First edition: 2009

height/length/width about 13/9.8/8 cm (inches: 5.12/3.85/3.15)

The entrance of the "Alte Post" is in the annex building, since the postmaster used to live in the main building which is decorated with an ancient post horn.  The staircase with a ramp for goods and luggage vividly shows what the post station was used for.  The light in the basement floor (storage room), the painted corners, stonework and half timber painting as well as the dormer windows give this "Leyk" ceramic house its charming look. 

To accompany it we recommend our little stage coach (made in "Seiffen", Erzgebirge) and the miniature post man.