The “Leyk” team

Dear “Leyk” fans,
Stop by our café, open daily from April to December from 10.00 h a.m. – 5.00 h p.m., you can dip into our workshop.  For all interested people and groups, we organize tours through our factory (for groups on appointment).  Our team is looking forward to meeting you, and you can look over their shoulders to see how to make an original “Leyk” house in 12 different steps.

Each “Leyk” house is an individually handcrafted model and most visitors are amazed about the craftsmanship and time that goes in to our manufacturing process.  All “Leyk” models are 100% handcrafted in Germany.

We are looking forward to you.

100% handcrafted in Germany

Visitors are welcome to tour our facility. There’s a lot to see in our ceramic factory in South Rothenburg o.d.T., Erlbacher Straße 108.  You can visit our factory daily open from 10.00 h a.m. – 5.00 h p.m.  Visitors can see for themselves how we manufacture our famous “Leyk” illuminated houses.  Entering our new Asian lagoon garden (Lotosgarten) through a 250 year old Indian gate and enjoying yourself with coffee and more in our café will make your visit unforgettable!

How to make an original “Leyk” handcrafted house:

Demoulding The casted model is demoulded.

Windows Cutting-out windows

Sponging Opening pores with sponge.


Bottom: Stamping of the deburred bottom.

Deburring - Removing warpings with knife.

Baking Baking at about 800°C.

Glazing Last step before gloss firing.

Stamping of the door Cutting-out the door, remodeling the structure

Cleaning Precision work: Removing all kind of unevenness

Painting Painting and glazing of the model (2/3 of working time)

Gloss firing Gloss firing at about