Lotos Garden


Unique asian water garden - Enter a different world

Be fascinated by the exotic charme of our little garden paradise. Just feel the athmosphere of an Asian park. Bamboo, reed, beautiful bridges, heavy million-year-old bowlders, pagoda pavilions, blooming lotus (in the summer season) and water everywhere! Lagoons and burbling little creeks for your well-being and a recreation. Fantastic seats all over the garden.


Beautiful views

A path throughout the 3000 square meter hill-side garden leads to the different garden lounges, where visitors can relax and enjoy themselves with coffee and more from our cafeteria. While sitting there and talking, you can enjoy the wonderful view into our garden and watch the goldfish or green lizards there.


Asian-like café

Please also visit our Asian-like café where you can enjoy yourself with coffee and other. We offer  50 seats there and a nice menu with different food and drinks.
Daily open from 10.00 h a.m. – 6.00 h p.m. (from October until 5.00 h p.m.)

More and more popular: Enjoy breakfast in our LOTOSGARTEN!

On-site parking area!




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