The Rothenburg collection

… Only 350 reproductions per year. Handcrafted and made in Rothenburg o.d.T.

The three other Rothenburg “Leyk” models are also limited to 350 pieces. This collection is steadily growing and a new model will be added every other year.



This little house located at the famous “Plönlein”, Untere Schmiedgasse, has been part of our “Leyk” collection since 2012.



“Marienapotheke” (pharmacy)

This is a classic one among our original “Leyk” models, with its 64 windows the candle-light majestically shines through.  One of the most sought-after houses we offer.




Medieval Tavern “Zur Höll”

The oldest half-timber house in Rothenburg, located close to the crime museum.





A historic monument in the “Spitalhof”, which distinguishes itself by its hip roof and a round outside stair tower.